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Getting a car loan vs buying with cash


Why should I take a car loan whereas I have money to pay for the car in cash?

Most people ask this question which is a very valid question. And the answer is that taking a car loan is much better than paying for it in cash. The reason for this is that when one can borrow money at a very low rate, then one is in a great position to earn from their investments.

More often than not, people desire to get cars without having cash at hand and therefore getting a car loan helps them acquire it easily. Sometimes one may drive the vehicle and fail to really love it after a while. Having a car loan helps you return the car and this is minimal risk compared to having purchased it in cash.


 The cost of the car becomes wide spread. When one wants to buy a car, they are able to pay for it for a longer period even as they still use it. The cost is divided in months and this becomes more affordable than just paying the full amount. Getting the full amount might take one longer to find and it might discourage a person from purchasing the vehicle they desire.

One gets to choose the best car and one that suits their desires. This is because the cost no longer becomes an issue since it has been made wide spread. Getting to pay with cash limits one to get the cheapest available car and one that they probably do not love.  However, getting a loan helps them acquire latest brands and sleek cars that are enjoyable to get on the road with.

One gets to improve their credit score. When the credit score is improved, one gets to have a better opportunity to keep borrowing even better assets.

One does not have to worry about depreciation because in a lease agreement, one can still return the car to the owners after enjoying its services. The chances of getting a better deal are always high and one can still get another agreement for a different car.

You do not need to undergo the stressful process of saving lots of money to get a car. Get a car loan and instantly start driving your vehicle at the comfort of your pocket.

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