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Can I get a car loan while in Bankruptcy?


Falling bankrupt can easily discourage anyone from getting credit because many credit facilities often disassociate themselves with bankrupt people. However it is really possible to get a car loan despite bankruptcy. Such kinds of car loans assist clients get their positive credit score because they are given an opportunity to pay off the loan for a longer period of time, and at a lower rate.

Reasons why you need a Car Loan in Bankruptcy

  1.  It is quicker to get a car while on loan than purchasing on cash because while one is bankrupt they don’t have enough money to pay for it.
  2. A car loan takes a long time to be paid up and that means that one does not need a lot of money to start up.
  3. A car loan helps the one to improve their credit score despite bankruptcy because they are given another opportunity to redeem themselves.

Tips on getting a car loan in Bankruptcy

  1. One needs to have some savings for an installment.

Paying installments assures the lender that the client is serious about getting the loan and paying for it. A client with a good amount of installment assures the lender that they are in a position to pay for the monthly installments without defaulting. Remember that one needs to create an image of their account to regain the trust of a lender. 

  • Have your previous credit reports.

It is very discouraging to look at your failed reports but it is important to have them because lenders are usually interested in seeing them. The previous credit reports are also important to help a client trace what led to bankruptcy and prevent it. One is able to look at the credit curve and work on it in the best way possible.

  • Car Trade-in
    If one has a car already, they can trade it in for a new vehicle. This will reduce the amount of money they are required to pay for every month.
  • Prevent Bad Debts.

As one looking to be given a full term loan, then they should ensure that the first 6 months are fully paid for to avoid bad debts. Bad debts easily disqualify one from gaining the favour of a full term loan.

  • Get the best offers.

Low rates of payment are really needed while trying to pay off a loan while bankrupt and as such, one should shop around to look for the cheapest offers.

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