The Latest Innovations in the Automotive Industry

Front side view of Prius

2024 is sure to be a monumental year, especially when it comes to the ever-revolutionizing auto industry. Canadian Approval Center has taken the time to highlight three of the latest innovations that are set to further the expansion of automotive. Electric vehicles, self-driving technology and connectivity are the top innovations driving the industry, which have seen a terrific rise over the past few years but are set to become even more of a focal point as we head into the new year. 

1. Electric Vehicles

Just take a look at any brand’s model lineup and you’ll see electric vehicles taking over the entire selection. A ton of brands, and countries, are making initiatives to be fully electric by setting years in the future, demonstrating how seriously, and concrete, the dealership is turning with these zero-emission vehicles. Top brands like GM are leading the charge in making their full lineup electric. Not only that, but the eclectic tech, from batteries to charging, is becoming more convenient and affordable, for all shoppers.

2. Self-Driving Technology

Autonomous driving may be in an early stage in actuality but has remained a dream for drivers as long as vehicles have existed. We are still years and years away from actual, reliable autonomous driving, but year after year there’s more and more direct progress made in the areas, from new tech to testing, previewing that soon enough autonomous vehicles will be a part of our modern life.

3. Connectivity

Vehicles are smarter than ever. From safety suite technology to display screens to instrument clusters and more, there’s so much connectivity to be had in every modern vehicle. Your car is now your office or home away from home, where you don’t have to give up any connective technology when stepping in your vehicle. Infotainment, safety, 5G connectivity, AI and more are further improving how you connect with the ones you love in your vehicle.