Air Conditioning Service in Edmonton, AB

A/C Maintenance at Canadian Approval Center

Few things can make an enjoyable driving experience turn negative than your air conditioning system going on the fritz. Winter gets all the attention here in Edmonton, but spend a summer here and you know how hot it can get in the dead of those months. Ensure your A/C system is up to its needed standard for our boiling summer months by getting air conditioning service here at Canadian Approval Center. Read on to learn how the A/C system works, how you know you may need service, and to schedule an appointment now.

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How Your A/C System Works

Your air conditioning system gets to work thanks to a few different parts:

  • Evaporator
  • Blower unit
  • Cabin air filter

While the system ensures to move that cool air into the cabin to maintain a cool temperature, the cabin air filter ensures that your cabin is limited from inhabitants that may come in through the air. It also works to control flow and the quality of the air coming through. Knowing that these parts are working in concert should bring to light how if one of them breaks down it can affect the entire system, demanding service work be done.




Signs You Need A/C System Service

We recommend you should get your A/C system checked for needed service at least once a year, and get your filters replaced, but there are many signs that may pop up that could demand service is needed now.

  • Do you smell an off smell coming through the vents alongside the air? If so, it may be time for A/C service
  • If you’re expecting cool air to come out of the vents but warm air returns instead? It may be time for A/C service
  • Are you used to getting a hearty blast of air from the vents but now it’s a weak stream of air? It may be time for A/C service




Schedule Air Conditioning Service at Canadian Approval Center

Schedule air conditioning service with the team at Canadian Approval Center now. We can diagnose any issues your vehicle may be having, and ensure it gets back to its optimal level. Fill out the form below to book your next service appointment.