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Oil Change Maintenance at Canadian Approval Center

Getting an oil change done is the pre-eminent service job for your vehicle. You may know you need to get them on a consistent basis, but may not be entirely sure why they are so important. Our Canadian Approval Center is here to help you learn a little more, and easily book you in for your next oil change. Read on to learn their importance, how often you need to get one, and how to book in now. The Canadian Approval Center service team is standing by to service your car, truck, SUV, van or powersports model.

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The Importance of Oil Changes

Oil is, perhaps, one of the most crucial fluids in your vehicle. Your vehicle is hard at work at all times when you take it out on the road. That equals many parts working to the best of their ability to get you where you need to go. All of this movement inside causes friction, and needs to move smoothly for the best operation. Engine oil works as a lubricant to make certain that these parts and components can move without disturbance. An oil change ensures you have oil at its best quality (not sludgy and filled with contaminants), so it can do its job allowing other parts to do their job.




When to Get an Oil Change?

An oil change is one of the most important and common service jobs to get done on your vehicle for good reason. But, when should you be coming in to get one done? Engine oil breaks down over time, becoming sludgy, thick and filled with debris, which can in turn result in damage to components and overheating. Thus, you must keep up with consistent oil change maintenance on your vehicle. Consulate your vehicle owner’s manual for the most specific interval time, but generally with modern vehicles you’re looking at anywhere from every 5,000 – 8,000 km (3 to 6 months).





Schedule Oil Change Service at Canadian Approval Center

Is your vehicle due for an oil change, or do you just have a few questions surrounding the service on your vehicle that you need answered? Our Canadian Approval Center technicians are ready and waiting to service your vehicle. Book service with our team, today.